Prevention Devices



Bolts and Screws

If you use regular screws that bolt your license plate to your vehicle, you might want to look into some tamper resistant screws or custom security screws. Tamper resistant and custom security screws are a great option to prevent the common thief from stealing items off your car like your license plate. - Read More

Hood Locks

Once a thief breaks into your car, it takes only seconds for them to pop the hood and disable you car alarm. Why not prevent them from easily opening your hood? This can be accomplished by adding a locking mechanism. Now, if a thief gets into your car they cannot disable the alarm system. - Read More

Kill Switches

These are switches that are covertly hidden somewhere on your vehicle. In order to start your vehicle, you have to turn on the hidden switch. In order for kill switches to be effective you have to always remember to turn off the switch when you get out of your car. - Read More

License Plate Locks

You would think that there would be numerous companies that make a lock to prevent someone from stealing your license plate. Well, after extensive searching I could find only one license plate lock by Lock-Um. It uses a license plate frame that has two locks (with keys) to prevent someone from stealing your license plate. - Read More

Locking Fuel Caps

There are a lot of different manufacturers that make locking fuel caps. Your best bet is to go to your local auto store and pick one up.

Spare Tire Locks

There are a lot of options for spare tire locks. Your best option is to search the Internet to find one to fit your vehicle.

Tail Gate Locks

Did you know that people actually steal tail gates off your truck? I did not know that. Adding a tailgate lock to your truck can offer you 24 hour theft protection without interfering with the normal day to day operation of your tailgate. - Read More

Trailer Hitch Locks

Apparently, some people like to steal trailers. It does not matter if it is a boat trailer, cargo trailer, or car trailer. The best option to prevent trailer theft is to install a trailer hitch lock. Another option is to use wheel boots and clamps on your trailer just like you would on a car.- Read More

Wheel Lock Lug Nuts

One of the ways to prevent stolen wheels is to use a security lug nut, also known as wheel locks. Traditional lug nuts use a standard socket wrench to remove. Security lug nuts are specially designed to be a lock and key such that you need the correct socket to fit the lug nut. - Read More