Etch VIN on Windows

Etching your VIN number on your car windows and windshield makes it difficult for a thief piece out your vehicle if it is stolen. The down side to putting your VIN on your window is that there have been reports of people being able to ... Read More

In Car Video Survelliance

In car video surveillance is not really a deterrent, but it is a great way to monitor any damage that might occur to your vehicle. - Read More

Steering Wheel Locks

We have all seen them and now the original ... The Club. There are numerous options these days from the original Club to new twists that incorporate high decibel alarms. Just like other auto theft prevention devices, steering wheel locks can be defeated. The most common way is a thief uses a ... - Read More

Wheel Clamps and Boots

Putting a boot on your car is really an impractical option for the average person. Unless you drive a high target vehicle in a high theft area, using a boot is probably more trouble than its worth. Wheel boots can not only help deter people from stealing your automobile, but ... Read More